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PS615 90W AC/DC 15VDC 6 amp power supply for use with all Digitrax Command Stations and Boosters operating at 5 amps.

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KB1017 LocoNet Accessory Power Requirements

  This document outlines the power requirements for Digitrax LocoNet accessories.  To simplify wiring, Digitrax recommends providing individual power supplies for like accessories.  For example a power supply or power buss which only powers the PM42s.  A power supply or power buss used solely to power multiple DS64s.  UR9x and UP5 panels can be daisy chained provided adequate current is provided to properly power all the panels.  Through the use of individual power supplies, the chance of Ground Loops or sneak paths back to ground is minimized.  Using individual power supplies will also make troubleshooting much easier.  Many Digitrax LocoNet ...

KB1046 Powering the DCS240

The PS615 is the Digitrax recommended power supply for the DCS240 in 5 amp mode.  For operations at 8 amps the PS2012 is the recommended power supply. When using the PS2012 special wiring considerations need to be used when powering both the DCS240 and legacy boosters from the same PS2012.  Leagacy boosters are defined as the DCS100, DCS200, DB150, DB200 or DB100.  Please see the separate article “Powering your DCS240 with a PS2012” and the additional notes below. The DCS240 may be powered either using the barrel plug connector or the screw terminals labeled “+” and “- “. The barrel ...