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The LNRP Xtra LocoNet Repeater Module Isolates and Protects LocoNet Layouts, it allows for greater expansion of the LocoNet system on large installations. The LNRP Xtra allows "protected" sections of LocoNet to continue functioning even when a fault occurs elsewhere, the LNRP Xtra automatically reconnects the faulty section once the issue is resolved. Now includes the PS14 power supply.

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KB1014 LNRP Xtra Support Portal

The LNRP Xtra is a bundle including the LNRP and the PS14 power supply, please go to the one of the following pages for support you need: LNRP PS14

KB1017 LocoNet Accessory Power Requirements

  This document outlines the power requirements for Digitrax LocoNet accessories.  To simplify wiring, Digitrax recommends providing individual power supplies for like accessories.  For example a power supply or power buss which only powers the PM42s.  A power supply or power buss used solely to power multiple DS64s.  UR9x and UP5 panels can be daisy chained provided adequate current is provided to properly power all the panels.  Through the use of individual power supplies, the chance of Ground Loops or sneak paths back to ground is minimized.  Using individual power supplies will also make troubleshooting much easier.  Many Digitrax LocoNet ...