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Everything you need to get started with Advanced Digitrax Command Control. Evolution is perfect for most home and club layouts wanting Duplex Radio control out of the box. It offers excellent speed control, prototypical consisting, the full range of programming features and much more. Maximum capacity, maximum features. Take it to the Max with Evolution!

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KB1049 Digitrax Query Mode

Digitrax Query Mode: The new generation of Digitrax Advanced Command Stations and other new products from ~October 2016 onwards include some convenient new self-diagnostic and external diagnostic capabilities and methods, to help keep LocoNet systems and devices healthy and working optimally, without requiring additional tools. The DCS240 and DCS210 Advanced Command Stations include “Query Mode” diagnostic information that can be interrogated or read-out using enhanced capabilities of DT500 throttles. Advanced Command Station Query information is grouped into six broad groups of data/diagnostic information displayable by a DT500/DT500D: “Lnt”: LocoNet Device Type/product info “ELE”: Device Electrical information, voltages/currents, etc. “Lnt”: LocoNet ...