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Wired Motor & Function Decoder that fits many Z, N and HO Scale Locos.

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KB887 Digitrax Decoder Installation For PROTO 2000 E8/E9 in HO Scale

This installation procedure is for the DIGITRAX DH166/DH126 decoder. Alternatively, you can use a Digitrax DN166 in this installation. If you use the DN166 the installation will require fewer engine modifications because of the smaller physical size of the decoder.Note any decoder of smaller physical size can be used in this installation.  DN136D, DN166, DZ126, DZ126, DZ146 are all possibilities. After removing the shell from the locomotive chassis, note the color and location of each of the various wires.  All connections must be soldered with rosin core solder and insulated with shrink tubing.We will locate the decoder in the forward ...