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Fascia mount Switch control device. Wire to DS74 input cable, or use DSXC4 for plug and

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KB1069 Differences in the DS74 from the DS64

Differences in the DS74 from the DS64: Up to date and compact LocoNet design with customer IPL/firmware field update capability using DigiIPLII. All plug-in connections. Can support on expansion header up to 4 DSXCP1 fascia SW control panels with SW direction indicator LEDs. 8 internal LocoNet integrated System routes, that can be conveniently edited on a DT602 with latest IPL update. Configurable unit Base switch address when on layout. No need to remove from layout to service/configure. Automatic DS74 switch address overlap detection, and correction capability when editing with DT602. Indicates internal IPL Sub-version loaded to latest DigiIPLII rev 2.9 ...