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Fits many HO locomotives
Digitrax 9-Pin Harness Socket
1.0 Amp/2 Amps Peak
2 FX7 Functions, 200ma Output

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KB1073 Digitrax Series 7 Mobile and Sound decoder family CV settings

Digitrax series7 mobile decoders have many industry standard Configuration Variable (CV) numbers and values, as well as numerous Digitrax custom CV numbers and definitions or controls. The series7 CV values are a superset of older Digitrax FX3 series3 and series6 decoders, already covered in Digitrax Decoder Manual V2 on the Digitrax Web site. The “CV8 to 8 default” columns indicate current factory defined value after writing a value of 8 to CV8, using; Service mode programming track or Mainline Operations Mode Write to the active decoder address. An entry with value/xx indicates a xx number invokes the value before the ...