KB992: Life Like Proto 2000 S-1 May Damage DCC

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There is a potential problem using the DCC socket on the Life Like Proto2000 S-1. While the trucks and track pick-ups are isolated from the frame, there is a brass grounding lug attached to the motor's lower brush cap which makes electrical contact between the lower motor brush and the frame.  As a result if the wheels come in contact with the frame a short occurs and the decoder may be damaged!

We recommend one of two work-arounds.

1) If you choose to use the 8 pin DCC plug, isolate the bottom motor brush from the frame of the locomotive by removing the grounding lug from the motor's lower brush cap. Be sure to reinstall the square plastic insulator under the lower brush cap after removing the brass grounding lug. Place a small square of electrical tape in the frame recess below the lower motor brush cap as an insulator. Then run a new orange wire from the DCC socket to the lower motor brush cap and remove the existing orange wire that runs from the socket to the front lug under the headlight.

2) If you use a wired decoder, the motor will still have to be isolated from the frame as in step 1 above.  Once this modification is made, install the wired decoder as usual.

Now, the S-1 motor is, in fact, insulated from the frame. The metal screw that holds the motor's frame to the loco's frame is not a problem-you don't need to replace it with a nylon screw. The grounding circuit is formed by the brass grounding lug under the motor's lower brush cap rubbing on the frame. Remove the lug, remove the original orange wire from the frame to the DCC socket, run a new orange wire to the motor's lower brush cap and you have a completely isolated motor.


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