KB991: Case Study: Texas & Southwestern Part 1 of 11-Table of Articles

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Case Study - Texas & Southwestern

The Texas & Southwestern is a small N-Scale model railroad that features a Zephyr. Here are a variety of short articles which detail the various facets of the construction and operation of this railroad.

  • Background-Part 2 The idea behind the railroad.
  • The Railroad-Part 3 Planning the railroad
  • Track Plan- Part 4
  • Powering the Railroad-Part 5 Zephyr makes things easy.
  • Wiring the Railroad-Part 6 Hooking things up for reliable operation.
  • Reverse Loop-Part 7 AR1 makes things easy, but a little change in thinking is sometimes necessary.
  • Programming Track- Part 8 A convenient feature.
  • Zephyr Heat Problem- Part 9 Things don't always go smoothly.
  • Train Operations-Part 10 Realistic train operation keeps things interesting.
  • The Future-Part11 There's always room for improvement.

Santa Fe, All the Way!

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