KB976: PM42 Shut Down During Operation

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When I get several locos in the same PM42 sub-district, the PM42 seems to shutdown at random times even though I am sure there is no short circuit, what is wrong?

1.  The PM42 is set at the factory with a default current trip point of 3 amps for all 4 sub-districts. This is fine in most cases.
2.  If you plan to run more than two or three locomotives in a sub-district, you will need to increase the trip current.
3.  Use the minimum current set point that gives acceptable layout operation, i.e. minimum power interruptions when no short circuits are occurring.
4.  Be sure that all locos on the track that are not running have a throttle setting of "0." Locos that are sitting still with even a very low throttle setting can draw enough current to be detected by the PM42 and will add to the total current trip load.

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