KB971: PM42 - Power Input Requirements

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Can I combine the power input requirements for PM42's with other units for economy?

Digitrax recommends each PM42 module to have its own seperate power source. The criteria for choosing a power supply for the PM42 is any power source that can deliver 12-15V AC or 13.8-15V DC with a minimum of 125 ma. The Digitrax PS14 meets the minimum power requirement of a PM42.

It is possible to power more than one PM42 from a single power source. When powering multiple PM42's special care must be taken to insure identically phasing of all PM42's and ample current availability to power all PM42's.

Please note: The PS12 power supply has been discontinued and is replaced by the PS14 power supply.  The PS14 is a plug compatible replacement for the PS12 (Any Digitrax product that used a PS12 can safely use the PS14.)

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