KB967: Is a separate "feedback bus" needed for transponding?

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I understand that LocoNet is used for transponding "feedback."  How can Digitrax systems handle both DCC and transponding without interfering with other track level communication and without adding another communication or feedback bus like other system have to do?

LocoNet is a true network with future expandability built in. Part of that future is here now with transponding. LocoNet was engineered from the very beginning with things like this in mind.

If you are already using Digitrax LocoNet, you will not have to add a "feedback bus" since this is already incorporated into LocoNet's design! If you are using transponding with a non-LocoNet system, you will need to add LocoNet. Other feedback systems require you to add a feedback bus to achieve these features anyway so, you can simply add LocoNet instead of that feed back bus.

Digitrax builds many DCC compatible products that go beyond the original concept of DCC.  We have morphed into a Complete Train Control company with the introduction of things like transponding that are not part of "DCC".  With LocoNet , Digitrax customers really have the best of model railroading. The Digitrax system is compatible with the DCC industry standards but is not limited by them. This is because the original DCC format is just one small subset of Digitrax LocoNet's broader system capabilities.

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