KB957: Equipment Recommendation: 4'x8' Layout Running 2 or 3 Trains

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I have a 4x8 layout, I want to run 2 or 3 trains. I will operate the layout by myself or with possibly one other operator. It's a really basic operation. Which Digitrax set is best for me?

The Zephyr Xtra Set will probably do what you want. You will need the Zephyr Set and mobile decoders for the locomotives. You can connect up to 20 throttles to your Zephyr Xtra Set so that adding another operator is as simple as plugging in another throttle. You can also use one or two smooth DC power packs as throttles for additional operators to run trains by using the Jump Ports. If you want to have a walk-around throttle, you can add one or more Universal panels (UP5) around the layout for plugging in any LocoNet throttle.

From there you can continue to expand if you choose to do so because with LocoNet, adding components is plug n' play.

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