KB954: Equipment Recommendation: Medium/large sized layout with a reversing district

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I have a medium/large sized layout with a reversing district. I want to operate 6-10 trains with several operators. I am interested in turnout control, prototypical consist operations and signaling to be added later. I might want a computer added later, too. Which components do I need?

You will need a Super Empire Builder Xtra or Super Chief Xtra with additional throttles for the operators and an additional DB150 booster or PM42 for the reversing district. You will also need at least one additional DB150 to provide enough power to run 6-10 trains in N or HO. You can choose and Digitrax LocoNet Throttle (like DT402s or UT4s) for the additional throttles depending on how you operate the railroad.

You will need DS64s to operate turnouts and a computer interface and software to hook up your computer. You will also want to look into BDL168s & RX4s if you want to add transponding. Once the control system is installed, you can add the turnout control, detection, signaling, transponding and computer control later if you wish.

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