KB953: Equipment Recommendation: Large club layout with everything

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We are a LARGE club layout. We have several reversing districts, 25 operators and run 30 trains at a time. We want computer control, turnout control, signaling. You name it, we've got it. What equipment do we need to run this layout?

You probably need the Super Chief Xtra Set with additional throttles, boosters, mobile & stationary decoders & detectors.

A typical HO layout of this size would need approximately 5 boosters & power supplies to provide enough power to run 30 engines. The DCS100 command station/booster will be one of these boosters so; you would need 4 additional DB150 series boosters.

You will need enough LocoNet throttles for all the operators. You can mix & match DT402s & UT4s & other LocoNet throttles that will be released in the future, too. You may even want to use a Zephyr Xtra as a stationary throttle in one of your yards. Many clubs have each operator bring his/her own throttle from home & purchase a few units to have on hand for visitors.

If you want tetherless operation, we recommend Duplex Radio.  You can purchase the Super Chief Xtra Set with Duplex Radio or you can add Duplex later.  That's the beauty of LocoNet.

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