KB950: Equipment Recommendation: Multiple reversing districts

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I have multiple reversing districts, do I have to buy a separate booster for each one?

You can run more than one reversing district off a single booster, but there is the potential problem that might arise is if you have more than one set of wheels crossing more than one set of gaps at the same time. In this case, the booster will detect a short and shut down (unless the polarities just happen to be matched up in which case you won't see a problem). We recommend that you use the AR1 Auto-Reversing unit or the auto-reversing capability of the PM42 for your reversing sections instead of boosters.

You do not have to automate your reversing sections with a booster if you do not want to do so. You can handle reverse sections with a manual toggle switch in the traditional Analog DC way, or with an AR1 or PM42 which automates the process.   There are also products sold by various third parties to handle automatic reversing.

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