KB93: Hold On To Your Throttle

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Q:  I am looking for a wrist or neck strap for a UT4R/UT4D to prevent dropping unit. Can you help with a source?

A:  It is really hard on the throttles when you drop them on the floor.

Here's a handy tip from Zana: Take the throttle cord and loop it with a rubber band and hang it from a Digitrax show lanyard (any other lanyard will do in a pinch).   You can also install hooks on the fascia of your layout for holding throttles with looped cords.

I have also seen customers glue things to the back of the throttle for attaching them to lanyards or to the front of the layout.

I would not recommend putting velcro on the back of the throttle and the fascia of the layout.  I once saw a throttle drop into a bucket of water when the adhesive on the velcro let go.  Not a pretty sight.

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