KB925: CV54 - Torque Compensation & Switching Speed

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In FX3 decoders, CV54 is used to control the decoder's torque compensation and switching speed features. CV53 is not used in FX3 decoders.

Torque Compensation improves loco performance by internally adjusting for the loss of torque caused by SuperSonicTM operation.  This feature is turned on at the factory.

Switching speed gives you fast access to lower speeds used in switching operations. This feature effectively reduces the throttle's target speed by about 50% and reduces the effects of acceleration (CV03) and deceleration (CV04) programmed into the decoder by 1/4 when the user activates this mode by turning on F6.

FX3 CV54 Values For Controlling Torque Compensation and Switching Speed Features

NOTE: In FX decoders, the value in CV53 determines which FX3 effect is generated on F3, the brown function output. In FX decoders, the value in CV54 determines which FX effect is generated on F4, the white/yellow function output.

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