KB921: SE8C - Installing Position Light Style Signals For Pennsylvania RR, B&O and N&W Signaling

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The SE8C can drive position light type signals such as those used by the Pennsylvania Railroad and the B&O RR and the N&W RR.

Leads from the signals can be soldered directly to the pads on the Signal Mast Base (the Terminal Strip Mounting Kit can also be used for interfacing your signals with the system.)

You can use either common anode or common cathode signals.  We recommend that you use either all common anode or all common cathode signals on your layout for consistency in the set up procedure on your layout.

If you are using the terminal strip option with additional lengths of wire it is advisable to keep your wire colors consistent in order to simplify installation and troubleshooting.

Remember to be careful when working with the fine wires from the signal heads, they are easily broken. It is recommended that you wire and test the lights prior to installation on your layout.

The wiring diagram for the Pennsy, B&O and N&W signals is  availablee below as an attachment in PDF Format:

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