KB912: LT-1 Decoder Testing Procudures

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1. Strip the insulation from the red, green, black and yellow wires on the harness. The blue and white wires are not used and may be cut off the harness if you wish.

2. Twist the red and yellow wires together. Twist the black and green wires together.

3. To test motor operation, hook up the wires according to the directions in the Digitrax Decoder Manual. One of the two center LEDs will light as the motor voltage increases from the decoder. Change direction and the other LED will light.

4. To test other decoder functions connect the LT-1 to the blue decoder common and the function lead that you wish to test. Using your throttle, turn the function you are testing on and off. One of the two center LEDs will go on and off as you turn the function on and off.

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