KB898: CTX/CTY Throttle Operation

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CTX/CTY throttles allow you to have up to 4 separate throttles controlled by 4 different operators rather than 4 throttles controlled by one operator as in the CT4 that comes with your Challenger Set.

Digitrax provides these instructions so that you can build your own throttles to your own specifications. You are free to choose any knobs, buttons & cases you like, the ones on the parts list below are just suggestions. These throttles give you the option of expanding your operations cost effectively.

The CTX throttle controls speed & direction for one train in the operating group & can send a STOP command to the entire layout. The CTY throttle adds the ability to turn the loco's lights on/off, the ability to change operating groups, and the ability to switch between advanced & standard operating modes.

Note: Any combination of these features can be incorporated into your throttle, i.e., if you don't want to switch between advanced & standard mode, you don't have to add the switch for that function.

1. We recommend that you use your CT4 throttle for programming locomotives.

2. You can use up to 4 total CTX's & or CTYs in any combination. In other words, it's OK to mix & match. However, we don't recommend running your CT4 with CTX/CTY's because the throttles will interfer with each other's operation.

3. Plug in your CTX/CTY to either or both LocoNet ports on the DB100. If you want to connect more than 2 CTX/CTYs wire a 6 conductor throttle bus with enough sockets to accommodate the throttles you will use (or as many as you need for walk around operations).

4. All CTX/CTYs will operate together in ONE group only. A CTY can select a new group at any time and all other throttles will change to the new group selected. To change groups using a CTY, press the GROUP button (the DB100 will begin to tick), change the selector switch to the group you want to change to and press REVERSE/SELECT button (the DB100 will stop ticking to indicate that you have selected a new group).

To change locos within the operating group just change the SELECTOR switch. If more than one operator selects the same loco within the group being operated, the throttles will interact and the loco will slow down. If you use a 6 position SELECTOR switch, the two channels that are not wired for loco selections are neutral. The RUN/STOP button will still function if your throttle is in one of these neutral positions.

6. To turn lights on or off first press the LIGHT button & then press the REVERSE/SELECT button.

To change between Standard (14 speed steps) & Advanced (28 speed steps) operations press the ADV/STD button. The DB100 will sound 2 beeps for advanced & 1 beep for standard mode.

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