KB863: Zephyr - LCD Display

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The DCS50’s LED Display is made up of 4 digits/letters on the main part of the screen and 4 Indicator Dots across the top of the screen.  When you are running a locomotive, you will see the address of that locomotive in the display and the Function Indicator Dot will be lit. This means that the throttle knob will control speed, the direction lever will control direction and braking and the number keys will control the functions on the locomotive. You will see the following display if you are running loco address 1873 on your local throttle.

The LCD has three additional Indicator Dots associated with more advanced features available on the DCS50:

  • The Jump Indicator Dot lets you know if one or more Jump™ ports are active.


  • The MU Indicator Dot lets you know if Multiple Unit (MU) or consisting is active.


  • The Switch Indicator Dot lets you know when you are in switch mode for controlling turnouts or setting up system options.

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