KB861: Zephyr Hook Up As Easy As 1-2-3

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These simple instructions will help you get up and running quickly. A full description of all controls and technical reference information are included later in this knowledge base. This section assumes that you are using a new set straight out of the box.

1. Hook up the wires from the track to the RAIL A & RAIL B terminals on the DCS50. Insert the wire from one rail of the track into the RAIL A terminal on the back of the DCS50. Insert the wire from the other rail of the track into the RAIL B terminal. Turn the screw counter clockwise to open the connector and clockwise to close it once the wire is in place.

2. Plug the barrel connector from the PS315 into the POWER IN jack on the back of the DCS50. Plug the body of the PS315 in to a regular wall outlet.

Once power is applied, the DCS50 will briefly flash "-cS-" to let you know it is running as a command station.

The DCS50's display will change automatically to "Loco" or the last address that was on the throttle when you turned it off.

3. Turn track power on. Check the Track Status Indicator Dot. If it is on, you are ready to go. If the Track Status Indicator Dot is unlit, press the POWER key (located on the left side of the keypad) to turn track power on. When track power is on the Track Status Indicator Dot will be lit.

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