KB857: Zephyr - Status Editing

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QUICK INSTALLATION Notes for users with decoders not made by Digitrax:

1. The DCS50 command station operates in 128 speed step mode. If you are using a locomotive with a decoder that does not have 128 step capability you will have to adjust either the decoder or the DCS50 so that both are using the same number of speed steps to communicate. We call this procedure status editing. You can status edit each individual decoder or you can change the DCS50’s system default by setting the DCS50’s Option Switches 21-23 and run all of your decoders with fewer speed steps to accommodate these decoders.

2. If you can’t control the operation of the lights in your decoder equipped locomotive with the DCS50, be sure that the decoder itself is programmed to run in 128 speed steps.

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