KB856: Zephyr - Setting Speed Limit

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To control the speed of a locomotive:

1. Select the loco address on the Zephyr.

2.  Place the reverse lever [2] into either forward or reverse.

Turn the Throttle Knob  [1] clockwise to increase speed and counterclockwise to decrease speed.

Setting Speed Limits

You can limit the speed on any locomotive controlled by the DCS50. This feature is very useful if you are running your layout with young children who want to make the trains GO FAST!!! By setting a reasonable speed limit on the throttles used by the children, everyone can have more fun with the trains.

To set a “speed limit” for your DCS50’s local throttle follow these simple steps:

1. Press the PROG key. The display shows the last programming mode used.

2. Press the MU key. The display shows “id00”.

3. Press the MU key again. The display shows SPXX where XX is the current speed limit set for this DCS50. We recommend a value in the range of 26 (lowest speed limit) to 99 (full speed limit). DCS50 is shipped from the factory set for SP99.

4. Use the keypad to enter the new speed limit for the throttle.

5. Press the EXIT Key to set the selected speed limit and resume operation. Once you set this speed limit, it will be in effect for this specific DCS50’s local throttle until you change it. Setting the speed limit will not affect any Jump™ Throttles or other throttles that are in use.

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