KB851: Programming Methods-Service Mode and Operations Mode

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Two Programming Methods Are Supported by Digitrax Command Stations:

Service Mode Programming
is done on an electrically isolated programming track. Using this mode, the command station broadcasts programming information to all decoders on the program track.  Within Service Mode programming are Paged, Direct and Physical Mode.

Because these are a broadcast modes, we must isolate the decoder we want to program from the others on the layout by using a separate programming track that is connected to the command station for programming but not powered for operation of the locomotive. This mode works with all DCC decoders. This is the most commonly used programming method.

Operations Mode Programming , also called "Programming on the Main" or "Ops Mode", is done on the layout by sending programming commands to a specific locomotive address. To use this mode, you must have decoders that are capable of operations mode programming.  Ops Mode allows you to make changes to a specific mobile decoder while the locomotive is on the railroad.

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