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Programming On The Mainline: Operations Mode Programming

Operations Mode Programming [Ops Mode] lets you program CVs in DCC locomotives equipped with Extended Packet Format decoders while they are on the mainline.  This is handy for situations where you want to make an adjustment to a specific locomotive while it is in service.  There are also situations where mobile decoders from other manufacturers can only be programmed in this manner.

  • A typical use for Ops mode programming would be to change the acceleration rate (CV03) or the deceleration rate (CV04) of your locomotives to simulate the weight and braking capability of the train to compensate for changing the number of cars or power units on a train. Your DCS50 can use OPS Mode Programming to change the CV value in ANY CV, including 2 digit and 4 digit addresses.

How to use Operations Mode Programming:

1. Place the loco you want to program on the layout.

2. Select the address of the decoder that you want to program on the local throttle of the DCS50. The locomotive's decoder must be capable of operations mode programming.

3. Press the PROG key until OPS appears in the display.

4. Press the CV key and use KEY PAD to enter the CV you want to program. For example, to program the deceleration rate, enter 03 for CV03 which controls acceleration. Your display will look something like this:

5. Press the CV key again and use the key pad to enter the value you want to program for the CV you selected in the previous step. For example to set the acceleration rate to a value of 6, enter 6. Your display will look like this:

6. Press the CV-WR key to write the data value to the selected CV.

7. Press the EXIT key when finished programming to return to normal operations.

NOTE: OPS Mode Programming on most systems is write only.  In most cases, you will not be able to read back the entered values while on the layout.

Note:  Since Ops Mode programming is a broadcast form of programming, you should exercise care in its use.  For example, a decoder reset should not be done with Ops Mode since you risk resetting other locomotives.

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