KB844: Zephyr - Programming Error Messages

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When you are programming decoders, there are a few error messages you may encounter.

There are many causes for these error messages but most can be solved by checking the following:

1. Be sure the programming track is connected properly to the DCS50.

2. Be sure a decoder is correctly installed in the locomotive with all motor and pick up connections made correctly.

3. Be sure the loco with decoder correctly installed is making electrical contact with the programming track and that it remains in contact with the programming track until programming is complete.  Check to see if the track is clean and the locomotive's pick-up wheels are clean.

4. Be sure there is not too much current draw from lamps and other loads from the locomotive that is being programmed.

5. Be sure the decoder you are programming supports the programming mode you are using. Not all decoders support all programming modes.

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