KB841: Zephyr - Functions

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DCS50 Zephyr can control Functions F0 - F8.

Most DCC mobile decoders have function outputs that you can use to control lamps, LEDs, sound, smoke generators and other on/off devices installed in your locomotives. Most locomotives made today come with a head light and sometimes with a rear light, too. With DCC, these are controlled by the decoder’s function outputs. You can also install additional DCC controlled lighting such as cab lights, Mars lights, ditch lights, rotating beacons and others on your locos. The addition of these functions can add to the fun and realism of your locomotives.

You must have the functions installed and connected to the appropriate decoder function leads in order to use the functions.  Simple decoders such as the DZ125 have only two functions, usually used to control the locomotive's headlights.  Advanced decoders such as the DZ143 have four functions, others such as the DN163 have six functions.

Some newer decoders have more functions than the Zephyr can control, but you can add a DT400 throttle to access up to F12 or a DT402 throttle to access up to F28.

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