KB709: UT4 - Consisting, MU'ing, or Multiple Unit Operations

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Consisting is the action of linking more than one locomotive or power unit together to be controlled by a single locomotive address. 

The UT4 is not capable of building or breaking up a consist.  This is handled by a throttle or computer program that is able to build and break up consists and then hand the consist off to the utility throttle operator.  Utility throttles are designed to be simple to use for operators on the railroad.  

The UT4 CAN control a consist by selecting the address of the TOP loco in the consist.  It can also control the functions of locomotives within a consist.

If the loco you select is the top loco in a consist, you have complete control over the consist. If you select a loco within an existing consist, only the function keys will have any effect on the locomotive that is part of the consist. You will not have throttle, direction or brake control.

When you’ve successfully selected a consist, the status light will faintly blink green approximately once a second to let you know that the loco address you have selected is a consist.

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