KB701: UP5 Layout Installation and LocoNet Connection

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1. The UP5 Universal Panel is designed for mounting on the fascia board of the layout. Cut a hole approximately 2.5” W x 1.5” H in the fascia board. Insert the UP5 through the hole with the face plate on the front of the fascia board. Attach the UP5 face plate to the fascia board with four #6 screws. Note: The UP5 uses the black screws to mount the front fascia plate.

2. Connect the UP5 to LocoNet using pre-tested LocoNet cables. There are 2 LocoNet Jacks located at the back of the UP5 board for connecting LocoNet devices on your layout. The rear of the UP5 uses silver screws to make the connection to track power to light the Track Status LED (if desired). If using detection, do not connect the Track Staus LED up to a detected section of track as the detector will sense the LED and indicate constant occupation.  Instead connect the Track Status LED to the undetected input of the detector. The UP5 can be connected directly to the command station or to any other device that is connected directly or daisy chained to the command station.

3. There is an additional jack on the side of the UP5 that can be used for either an additional throttle or for a single LocoNet device that does not use Rail Sync.  

4. The two throttle jacks in the front of the UP5 should be used only for throttles.

5. Power the UP5 with a PS14 power supply.  A UP5 typically requires 30mA. of current. A PS14 outputs 300mA. of current allowing the PS14 to power up to 10 UP5 panels.

Caution:  Do not loop LocoNet back on itself.  It is designed to have one end open.

Caution: LocoNet cable has 6 conductors.  Some home telephone installations use 4 conductor cable that looks similar.  Do not use 4 conductor telco cable for LocoNet.

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