KB696: Decimal and Hexadecimal Notation

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As technology has advanced so have Digitrax throttles.  In the early days, it was not possible for the throttles to display decimal notation so hexadecimal was used.  The downside to hex notation is that you need to use a conversion table or a formula to determine the hex value to use for CV programming.  As better components and CPUs became available, we were able to move to the more user friendly decimal notation that you see in today's Digitrax throttles.  The move to decimal notation made DCC much easier to understand for everyone. 

All current Digitrax throttles use only decimal notation for CV programming.  No conversion charts or confusing formulas are needed to determine the CV values to program!

DT300 was the first Digitrax throttle that offered a choice of decimal and hexadecimal notation.  We did this to allow customers to choose which method to use and to allow everyone to adjust to decimal only.  All prior throttles offered hexadecimal notation only which was somewhat confusing to non-technical DCC users. 

When you see the notation "x08/008" or similar in documentation this gives you both the hex and decimal values.  Simply use the correct notation for the system you are using. CV values shown as 2 digits are the same in hex & decimal.

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