KB689: Digitrax Transponding - Overview

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  • Proven technology for bi-directional layout control without the need for modifications to your existing DCC system investment.

  • Know the detection section and/or zone location and identification of any specific locomotive or other rolling stock equipped with a transponding device. Yes, now your dispatcher will be able to know "who you are and where you are"!

  • Location and identification information are updated constantly on LocoNet and can be displayed on a track diagram.

  • Adds operations mode readback of CVs to your layout.

  • Data received by the system from mobile decoders can be used for display, automation, sound processing and much more.

  • Transponding allows you to automate staging yards and other operations.

  • You can use Transponding devices in rolling stock in conjunction with transponding detectors on industry tracks to display the location of your freight cars.

  • Transponding will bring you an under layout sound system that will follow the locomotives around the layout based on transponding information received by the system. You’ll even be able to put transponders in other rolling stock and generate sounds like couplers, flat wheels, etc.

  • The possibilities are endless! One person even said "It's like LoJack® for your locomotives."

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