KB688: What will it take to install Digitrax Transponding on my layout?

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1.  Install BDL16 series occupancy detector(s).  BDL16, BDL162 and BDL168 occupancy detectors can be used together on the same layout.

2.  Add RX4 transponder receivers to the zones you want to set up for transponding. (You won't need to cover every detection section on the railroad for effective coverage and reporting. Some areas will be detection only sections while others will have full transponding as needed.)  Use either two RX4s with your BDL168 to set up 8 transponding zones or use one RX4 if you only need 4 transponding zones.

3.  All current production Digitrax decoders are transponder equipped. If you have decoders on your layout that are not transponder equipped you can run them as they are or you can add transponding devices (TL1 or TF4) to the locos, cars, or cabooses you want to receive feedback from as they move around on the layout. These devices can be installed with any existing DCC decoder installation.

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