KB665: DT300 - Option Switch 3 (Op#3)

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The factory setting for Op#3 for all DT300 throttles is Op#3=x01.

LCD Backlight Brightness Setting

The backlight intensity can be set for off, low, medium or high intensity. The brightness of the backlight affects battery life, the brighter the LCD, the shorter the battery life.
Note: When the DT300 is untethered, the backlight automatically reduces brightness by one setting to conserve battery power.

Fast Clock Format

The fast clock can be set up to display either 12 hour format or 24 hour format. The factory setting is 12 hour format.

Recall Stack Depth

The DT300 recall feature can be set to keep a list of the last 4, 8 or 16 addresses that were selected by either throttle of the DT300. The factory setting is a recall stack of 4 addresses.

Tetherless Release

The DT300 can be set up to allow for release of locos while in tetherless operation mode. The factory setting does not permit tetherless release.


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