KB664: DT300 - Accessing Option Switch Mode Setting Up Your Throttle

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The DT300 can be used to access your systems Option Switches (OpSw):

1. Release all locos selected on the throttle before you begin.
2. Unplug the DT300 from LocoNet.
3. Press and hold the SEL key while plugging the DT300 back into LocoNet.
n.b.You can also enter option setting by holding down the SEL key while installing a battery in your DT300 while it is not connected to LocoNet.

Your throttle will display a screen similar to this:

4. The DT300 display will show Op#1=x## where the x## represents the hexadecimal number of the current setting for Op#1. The default setting for Op#1 is x01 as shown in the example above. This display will appear for about 5 seconds, if no action is taken after 5 seconds, the DT300 will return to Lo (Loco) mode.

5. While Op#1=x## is in the display, use either THROTTLE knob to set the option value selected from the values table for Op#1.

6. Press the SEL key to set Op#1 and advance to Op#2=x##.

7. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for Op#2 and Op#3.

8. You should not need to change the values for Op#4, Op#F or Op#6 so press the SEL key three more times to step though these options or wait for about 6 seconds for the throttle to time out and go into Lo or Loco Mode.

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