KB659: DT300 - Address Ranges and Display

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Digitrax Command Stations use three address ranges available for addressing and programming locomotives. You can use all three address ranges at any time and in any combination you choose.

Address 00: The analog address used to run locomotives without decoders. All analog locos (those with no decoders) active on the layout will respond to the speed and direction commands issued to address 00.

2 digit addressing: Addresses in the range of 01 through 127. Also called short addressing, 2 digit addressing can be used with any DCC decoder, shown as the two or three digits, with no leading zero, of the address in the DT300 display. The DT300 does not support aliased two digit addressing.

4 digit addressing: Addresses in the range of 0128 to 9983. Also called Extended Packet Format or long addressing. Four digit addressing can be used with any DCC Extended Packet Format, or EPF, decoder that supports this four digit addressing. The decoder must also be set up to enable 4 digit addressing.  This selection is always shown as a four digit number, using leading zeros when required.

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