KB655: DT300 - Releasing An Address From A Throttle

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When you are finished running a locomotive address, you should release it from your throttle so that the locomotive address is available for other throttles to select and run.  This also clears a slot for a different address to be used in the system.

Radio and infrared throttles must be plugged in to LocoNet to release an address from your throttle. You can disable this safety feature by setting your DT300’s OP#3 to one of the values that allows tetherless release.

To release an address from a throttle:

1. Use the THROTTLE knob to select the loco and make its speed zero. This step is optional but strongly recommended. Note: If the loco speed is not set to zero, the loco will continue to run at the set speed until selected by another throttle. If the loco is removed from the track, the address will still be active in the command station taking up an address slot and when the loco is returned to the track it will “runaway” at the previously set speed and direction.

2. While the loco’s address and speed information is displayed on the LCD, press the SEL key to go into Sel (Select) mode. This will release the address from your throttle immediately.

3. If you do not press any key within about 6 seconds, the throttle will time out normally and show SEL in the address display area.

4. If you press the SEL key again, the throttle will begin flashing the address you just released. You can re-select that address by pressing the SEL key or you can use the THROTTLE knobs to browse to a new address.

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