KB640: DT300 - MODE Key

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The MODE key is used to move from one operational mode to another on the DT300 throttle and to dispatch selected addresses or consists to make them available for use by other throttles in the system.

Lo (Loco) mode is the DT300’s default mode since most of the time you are running locomotives.

Press the MODE key to cycle from Lo (Loco) mode to Sw (Switch) mode to Mu (Multi Unit) mode and back to Lo, and so on.The current operation mode will show in the middle of the bottom row of the LCD display.

Dispatch: To Dispatch or offer a locomotive you have set up on a DT300 to another throttle in the system, press this key while in Select Address Mode.

Display: In programming mode the Mode Key can be used to read back a CV value from a decoder on the DCS100’s service mode programming track.

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