KB639: PR1- FX Lighting Effects Setup

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When you click on the "FX-Setup" button a second menu screen appears which contains the special light effects for the FX decoder.

If the decoder you are programming is not capable of FX effects, this section will not apply to your situation.

On this screen we have access to F0 Forward Light, F0 Reverse Light, F1, F2, F3 & F4. The programming directions and choices are the same for each function. The pull down field to the right of this shows you which effect is assigned to that particular function. The following is a list of choices:

  • No effect, normal function control of output. This option leaves the output as normal ON/OFF operation.


  • Random Flicker Effect


  • Mars Light


  • Flashing Headlight


  • Single Pulse Strobe


  • Double Pulse Strobe


  • Flashing Beacon


  • Gyralite


  • Rule 17 Dimmable Headlight


  • FRED [flashing rear end device]


  • Right Ditch Light


  • Left Ditch Light

By choosing one of these effects, you are assigning it to a particular function on your hand held throttle.

The next column shows a red bi-directional arrow at the top and a check box below, these are the "direction" boxes or selectors. If you leave this box empty, you are telling the decoder that "forward" is the qualifying direction for the effect if you choose a Directionally qualified effect using the next menu selection to the right.

If you click this "direction" box to be marked with a small cross then this means you select "reverse" as the active direction, if this effect is directionally qualified.

The next column in the FX set up screen contains the pull down menus for qualifying the various effects. That simply means that you tell the decoder when you want the special effect to be active. All the choices except "unqualified" are directional and use the direction set by the "direction box".

DIR=0=FWD This means that the effect you have selected will be active only when the locomotive is running in the same direction as that selected by the "direction" box.

For example, if the "direction" box has a small cross in it, the effect on this function output is "reverse" and will be forced OFF in the locomotive's Forward direction. The effect can only be active in the reverse direction.

  • If the "direction " box is empty then the opposite is true and the function output and effect are considered "forward" qualified.


  • Unqualified This option tells the effect to be "ON" when the function associated with it is "ON" regardless of direction.

DIR/F0=ON This option tells the function F0 button to be an additional master function control button.

Any effect qualified in this way will only be "ON" when the master function key F0 is "ON" and will operate when the loco is in the direction selected by the "direction" box. The advantage to this is that you can turn F0 "OFF" at the end of a session and all of the functions qualified this way will turn off at the same time, as opposed to turning each one off individually.

Special Effect This option is used when you have ditch lights or rule 17 light effects. You will select this qualifier if you are setting up ditch lights or rule 17 dimming lights. This also is directional.

The last column is labeled DC. Check here to enable or disable functions when the decoder is operated in DC mode (no DCC signal present).

When all of your lighting effects are set, click on "OK" to return to the previous screen. When you have finished setting values click on the "Send" button and the PR1 will program the decoder.

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