KB634: DT300 - Power Save Mode

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If an untethered DT300, operating as a tetherless throttle, detects no user throttle activity for about 3 minutes it will enter power save mode.

The display will show:

The throttle may flash the normal Lo (Loco) Mode screen about every 60 seconds. This happens when the throttle “pings” the system to let the command station know that it is still part of the system. This keeps the system from releasing that locomotive back to the system and making it available to be selected by another throttle.

Any key strokes or movement of the throttle knobs will bring the DT300 out of power save and return to the normal Lo (Loco) mode screen.

Fast clock caution: If you use power save mode, the DT300/R’s local fast clock copy will deviate from the LocoNet system clock. The fast clock will resynchronize with your LocoNet system fast clock when it is plugged in again.

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