KB606: PR2 Use With USB

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This application note shows how you can use your Digitrax PR2 Programmer with the USB Port on your computer.

The PR2 has been replaced by PR3 Programmer and Computer Interface.  PR3 offers USB connectivity.

The PR2 Programmer is a serial device that connects to a computer via a 25pin serial port. Serial ports are not available on most computers in current production. USB ports are more widely used today.

The Digitrax PR2 Programmer can be connected to a USB port by using a USB to Serial RS-232 DB-25 Adapter Cable.

Not all cables on the market will work. One that worked with our test computer running Windows 98SE is the VScom USB Serial Adapter. It comes with an installation CD with a driver that must be installed as instructed in the documentation for proper operation. This product supports Windows 98SE, ME, windows 2000 and Windows XP and is available from Byetrunner. While we have not extensively tested this adapter cable with lots of computers and operating systems, we think it is likely that it will work in machines running Windows 98SE and Windows XP.

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