KB583: Programming output voltage and Bachmann decoder programming

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Q:  I have a Digitrax Chief system. I wired the programming track as per the manual, using PROGA and PROGB outputs on the DCS100.

I turned on the system and checked the track voltage with a Tony Trains RRamp meter, the mainline read 14.2 volts.

The programing track did not read anything.

I then checked the two wires coming from the DCS100 and they did not have any readable signal.

A:  The programing track connected to PROG A and PROG B will NEVER have track power on except the very instant the program message is sent.  So, you would not be able to read any voltage from it except at that moment.

Q:  I attempted to program a new address into a Bachmann 4-8-4 class J DCC equiped locomotive and after pressing enter the message on the throttle said "no d" the engine still ran only when the throttle was set to locomotive #03.

I also attempted to program through the broadcast method and still had no luck.

A:  When your throttle indicates "no d" that means it does not see a decoder on the programming track.  Some Bachmann decoders have difficulty programming and need to have a 1K ohm resistor installed between the PROGA and PROG B outputs during programming to give them the help they need to accept programming sent by the command station.

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