KB582: DS64 Programming Q & A

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Q: Can I assume that any of the 3 powering options for the DS64 are acceptable for OpSw changes?

A:  Yes you can power the DS64 using any of the 3 options.  The DS64 is strictly looking for power, and doesn't need the DCC signal from the track to set op-switches.

Q: If I have only 3 turnouts on a DS64, to complete the 4 point programming I have been inputting a bogus turnout number. Is that correct?

A:  Yes, that is correct.

Q: When setting OpSw 1, do I have to be connected to track power or can I power up via the modular?

A:  No, it is not necessary to be connected to track power while programming the DS64.

Q:  Also, I assume that the DS64 I am setting for stall motors can't be connected to any of its turnouts or to the LocoNet during this reset.

A:  It is a good idea to be isolated from LocoNet during programming. The stall motors do draw a small amount of current when they are connected but this should not make a difference during programming.

Q:  Thanks for your patience. I am having some problems with some turnout control and am backtracking to try to figure out if I have done anything wrong!

A:  That's all right. Take it step by step and be patient.  If you continue to have problems, please contact tech support, we'er here to help!

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