KB575: Multiple Unit or Consist Operations - Overview

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Digitrax Command Stations offer three methods of multiple unit (MU) or consist control:

1. Basic Consisting
2. Advanced Consisting
3. Universal Consisting (the Digitrax preferred method)

  • By definition, Digitrax always adds loco addresses to the “TOP” loco address in a consist.


  • The “TOP” loco is special, in that it is the address that receives the speed & direction commands for the entire consist.


  • All non TOP loco addresses added to the consist are controlled by commands sent to the “TOP” loco.


  • The TOP locomotive does not have to be a physical loco on the track, it can be a phantom.


  • Digitrax defines the TOP loco as the loco on the R Throttle Knob at the time when the MU add is performed.


  • All loco addresses in a consist will have the same status as the TOP loco. They will all be common, in-use or idle based on the state of the TOP loco.


  • Each loco within a consist maintains its original advanced 28/128 or standard 14 speed step mode setting.


  • A consist can be released by one throttle and then selected and run by any other throttle.


  • A consist TOP address can be dispatched and acquired on another throttle just like any other address.

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