KB572: DT400 Series Throttle - Removing A Loco From A Consist

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To remove a loco address from a consist using a DT400 or DT402 Series throttle:

Duplex Radio throttles can remove locos from consists without the need to plug in to LocoNet.  Simplex Radio & infrared throttles must be plugged into LocoNet to remove loco addresses from consists.

On the L Throttle Knob, select the loco address that you want to remove from a consist.

Press the MU Key to enter consist mode.

Press the N - Key to remove the loco address from the consist.

The L Throttle automatically becomes active with the loco you just removed from the consist. If you remove the loco from the consist while the consist is moving, the removed loco will be broken out of the consist at the same speed & direction that it was moving in the consist. You can uncouple and run the removed loco as an independent loco again!

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