KB567: DS54 Power Options

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There are two methods of providing power to the DS54: from the rails and from an auxiliary power source.

The DS54 can be powered from the rails however, Digitrax strongly recommens that the DS54 be powered from an auxiliary power supply capable of delivering 12-16 volts (ac or dc) at 300 millamperes for best results.  Powering the DS54 from the rails reduces the current available to power locomotives and lighted rolling stock. 

 The auxiliary power supply connections are the red (+) and black (-) wires.

Digitrax recommends the PS14 Power Supply for independently powered DS54’s. Multiple DS54’s can be powered from a single power supply. When a single power supply is used it is recommended that a 12-16 VDC be used.

The current delivering capabilities will depend upon the number of DS54s connected and the types of devices the DS54s are powering.

The Digitrax PS12 power supply is discontinued and was replaced by the PS14
power supply. The PS14 is a plug compatible replacement for the PS12 (Any Digitrax product that used a PS12 can safely use the PS14.)

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