KB563: DT402 & DT400 - Multiple Unit Operation Consisting

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To run two or more locomotives together as a multiple unit lash up or consist controlled by a single locomotive address:

Place the two or more units you wish to MU on the track.

Select the TOP loco (the one that will control the consist) on the right hand throttle knob. 

Select the loco to be added to the MU on the left hand throttle knob. 

Make sure all the locos in the consist are traveling in the same physical direction on the track (both going to the left or to the right)

 Press the "MU" key

Press the "+" key

The TOP loco on the right hand throttle now controls both locos as a consist.

To add additional locos to the consist repeat steps 2 - 5 above.

To remove a loco from a consist (MU) select the loco you want to remove on the left hand throttle.

Press the "MU" key.

Press the" -" key.

That loco is removed from the consist and you can control it as an individual loco.

Note: While MU'd you can control functions only in the locos that are not the TOP loco by selecting their address on the left hand throttle knob and turning the functions (lights, etc) on/off. You will not be able to control the loco's speed or direction independently as long as it is part of a consist.

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