KB562: DT402 & DT400 - Programming Locomotive Addresses & other CVs

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Programming the locomotive decoder with DT402 or DT400:

Place the loco on the programming track

Press the "PROG" key.

Make sure "Pg" is displayed in the bottom center of the display if you want to use Paged Programming Mode.   If not, press the PROG key until the programming mode you want to use is displayed.

"AD2" should be displayed on the left side of the screen.

4. If you want a two digit address (01-127)
use the right throttle knob and select the address you want to program into the loco.  If you want to program a 4 digit addresss skip to step 7.

Press the "Enter" key.

If successful the display will show "Good" and then the address you programmed.

If you want a four digit address (128 & above) press the right throttle knob down one time and "AD4" will be displayed.

Use the keypad to select the address you want to program into the loco.

Press the "Enter" key followed by the "Y +" key (this changes CV 29 to enable the four digit address mode)

If successful you will see the address you programmed in the display

11. Press the "Exit" key to leave Program Mode.

To program CVs (other than addresses) with "AD2" displayed use the left knob to select the CV# you want and the right knob to select the CV value you want to program into the locomotive, followed by pressing the "Enter" Key.


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