KB551: DS54 Trigger Task Defined

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The DS54 is a powerful stationary decoder, which can be used to control devices in several different ways.

Within the DS54 electronics are four independent sections.

Within each section are three independent elements: Switch_, Aux_ and Output_.

Each element can act independently or in conjunction with one or more elements within that independent section. (Note: The Switch_ element can be accessed from the input connector and the Output connector of the respective section.)

Each of these elements can perform any one of several different actions.

The actions are determined by two variables: trigger and task.

The relationship of the Trigger and Task is similar to that of the computer logic statement If-Then; if something happens then something else will happen.

For example, the DS54 can operate a switch machine with a pair of push buttons that are located near the turnout that this machine serves.

When one button is pressed, the switch machine sets the turnout points to the main route.

If the other button is pressed the switch machine sets the turnout points to the alternate (often referred to either as diverging or reverse) route.

Pressing the button is the Trigger (If) variable and the operation of the switch is the Task (Then) variable.

The source of the input Trigger can be the result of an external/physical action (electrical activation of an input) and/or internal/communication response (message command from the LocoNet).

The action performed by the Task, as a result of the Trigger can be an external/physical action (electrical response of an output) and/or internal/communication response (message command to the LocoNet).

The combination of the Trigger and Task from the Input to the Output is what makes the DS54 the most configurable, and most complex, of all of the Stationary Decoders available today.

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