KB546: UR90 Infrared Receiver Getting Better Reception

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Q:  Where do I locate UR90 for best performance?

A:  Infrared signals are transmitted and received in the line of sight between the transmitter and the receiver.  Most problems with IR reception are caused by people or things blocking this line of sight.  UR90 should not be mounted in the layout fascia below track level because that is where we stand when we run trains.

UR90 works best when mounted on a wall, opposite the operators, near the ceiling, at a 30° to 45° downward angle.

The reason for this positioning is simple. When you are making speed and function changes on your throttle, the IR transmitters on the end of the throttle are pointing in a upward direction.

 By locating the UR90 in an angled position near the ceiling, there is a vast improvement of line of sight between the throttle and the receiver

Hold a throttle in your hand as though you were operating a train and look where the IR transmitter is pointing.
That's the best place to install UR90s.

Painting the layout room ceiling and walls with semi-gloss paint may improved the performance of IR units.

Layout rooms with large windows can have problems with IR.  Consider covering large windows to improve performance.

Make sure you have enough UR90s so that there is enough coverage for all the operators you will have running trains.

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